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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why are your mailboxes so big?
  • A: The Postmaster General has designated that approved locking mailbox designs must be a minimum of 10" wide to accomodate a Priority Mail envelope without folding. Therefore we cannot provide a locking mailbox that is the same width as the small or medium traditional mailbox. Any locking mailbox narrower than 10" is not approved and your mail carrier is not obligated to deliver to this mailbox.
  • Q: Will the mailman also have a key to my mailbox?
  • A: No. Since a key is only required to retrieve incoming mail, you will have the only keys to the mailbox. See "how it works"
  • Q: Do your mailboxes handle outgoing mail?
  • A: The Postmaster recommends that you put your outgoing mail in a locking box. There is, however, a clip and a flag in the Pinnacle to handle outgoing mail. Please note that the upright flag might just be telling more than your mail carrier that you have outgoing mail in the mailbox and your mail might be at more risk to mail theft.

    We offer an outgoing mailbox that may be used specifically for securing outgoing mail. It is identical to our standard mailboxes but has a special door that accepts a post office-installed lock. You put your mail in the incoming slot and the mail carrier removes the mail with the standard mail key. Check with your local postmaster to see if this option will work in your area. We build these mailboxes on a custom order basis.

    Please call 1(877)968-4827 (toll free) for details.

  • Q: How large is the mailbox opening?
  • A: As specified by the Postmaster General, the slot is 2.00" tall. Packages can be as large as phone books, pill bottles, and videos etc.
  • Q: Why is the Pinnacle locking mailbox made of aluminum?
  • A: The Pinnacle locking mailbox is made of aluminum to provide longer durability in our products. Unlike steel, aluminum will never rust. The Pinnacle Plus line of mailboxes are made of 3/16" aluminum steel, making them just as vandal resistant as steel mailboxes in the market today.
  • Q: Can I mount the mailbox on my existing post?
  • A: Yes, our mailboxes will easily mount on any existing standard post.
  • Q: What do mail carriers think about The Pinnacle locking mailboxes?
  • A: Mail carriers have constantly complimented the design of our Pinnacle mailboxes. They are most impressed with the large opening that allows them to place a large bundle of mail with just one motion.
  • Q: What is powder coating?
  • A: Powder coating is an environmentally safe dry painting process that actually bakes a paint coating on at 600 degrees Fahrenheit to provide a durable finish.
  • Q: What does the "Powder Coated Tuff" logo mean?
  • A: The logo is for manufacturers who have met certain quality criteria concerning the powder coating process of their products.
  • Q: Are your locking mailboxes really baseball bat-proof?
  • A: Though no mailbox is completely baseball bat-proof, the Pinnacle Plus line of mailboxes has been reinforced with 3/16" aluminum plating to withstand the swing of a baseball bat.
  • Q: Will mail carriers have a problem with my new locking mailbox?
  • A: No, our mailboxes are U.S Postal Service approved (USPS). The text on the front of the mailbox, "U.S. Mail - Approved by the Postmaster General", indicates that the mailbox conforms to USPS regulations and that it is manufactured to meet established quality standards.
  • Q: What are the chances of two mailboxes having the same key?
  • A: 25,000 to 1.
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