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Our Story

After recovering from the shock of mail and identity theft and working to repair his good name, Ron Davis, the founder of Davis Tool Inc., searched for a way to secure his mail. He combed the marketplace in the late 1990s searching for a mailbox that would meet his needs as a wary victim of mail theft. When he couldn't find an acceptable solution on the market, he turned instead to his own team of designers and manufacturers to create the solution that has become the Pinnacle locking mailbox.

Once the mailbox was placed at the curb, neighbors noticed the superb quality and design of the new mailbox and started asking for one of their own.

Soon Davis Tool began working with the Postmaster General in Washington, D.C. to get approval for the Pinnacle locking mailbox's design. Having received Postal Service approval, the Pinnacle locking mailbox by Davis Tool, Inc. has become an accepted means of mail security for thousands of Americans.

Proud to be manufactured at Davis Tool's facilities in Hillsboro, Oregon, the Pinnacle locking mailbox remains an excellent solution for securing America's mail, as well as Mr. Davis'.

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