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Can a thief gain access to your mail right now?

Identity thieves use your personal information to commit fraud in your name. Identity theft by stolen mail victimizes 400,000 Americans every year. Is your mailbox locked? If not, you risk losing your identity. Click here to read more about how identity thieves may use your mail fraudulently.

Five important facts about the Pinnacle locking mailbox

  1. The Pinnacle is Postmaster Approved

    The Pinnacle exceeds the US Postmaster General standards for a curbside locking mailbox. As a vendor for the US Postal Service, we are required to make a product of the highest quality.
  2. The Pinnacle Design is Innovative

    The Pinnacle's unique incoming mail slot is designed to keep thieves' hands out. Constructed of strong and durable aluminum sheet, it is lighter than steel thus minimizing cost and resisting rust or corrosion. Click here to see how the Pinnacle works. The Pinnacle comes in four models and standard in black or white. Custom colors are available.
  3. The Pinnacle is an Outstanding Value

    Compared to other locking mailboxes on the market, the Pinnacle is an outstanding value. You may pay several hundred dollars for a competitive design and yet get the same level of security. Or you may pay a few dollars less and get a plastic version that may be easily compromised. If you have looked at cluster boxes for your neighborhood, you will find that per unit, the Pinnacle is competitively priced. And with the Pinnacle you get your mail at your curbside, not down the street. For information about quantity discounts, click here. The Pinnacle offers the security you need at a price that makes sense.
  4. Order Today and it will Arrive at Your Door in Less Than a Week

    The Pinnacle ships next day via UPS Ground. Order on-line using our Entrust Secured SSL server. Or if you prefer to talk with a real person, call us toll-free at 1(877)968-4827.
  5. The Pinnacle Money-Back Guarantee

    The Pinnacle is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you receive the Pinnacle and are not satisfied for any reason you may return it immediately for a full refund. Don't allow thieves access to your mail. Click here to order the Pinnacle Locking Mailbox today.
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